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Given below are some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS which we hope will answer any questions you may have regarding your interest in the vacancies advertised in this Website Job Bank, or any of the vacancies we currently advertise in the media.

Q1. How do I apply?

A. Please apply by emailing your CV as a Word Document (preferably with your photo pasted onto it). Remember to quote the ELGIVA Job Reference number as this will ensure that your CV is passed to the appropriate specialist consultant. This is essential in view of the large volume of vacancies and profiles we receive.

Q2. How will I know if you have received my CV?

A. Unfortunately due to the high risk of computer viruses, we are not able to send an auto responder. We therefore advise you to use the email option "request a delivery receipt for this message" when sending the email, so that you will know that your email has been received by us.

Q3. Should I follow up with you regarding my application?

A. No. If you are short listed for the position you have applied for, you will be contacted and given an appointment to meet one of ELGIVA Specialist Consultants/Interviewers. If you don't receive a response from us within two weeks of sending us your CV, this will indicate that you were not short listed for the job you applied for.

Q4. What happens to my application if I am not short listed for the job I applied for?

A. If you are not short listed for the vacancy you applied for, your details may be retained on our database for future reference, at our discretion. And will be informed of any other appropriate vacancies we feel will suit your profile.

Q5. If I have previously applied for a position but not received any response from you, can I apply for other positions advertised on your website or in the media?

A. Yes, please follow the procedure given in Question 1, above.

Q6. If you put my CV forward to your client, am I guaranteed an interview?


A. No. We put forward to our clients the CV's of candidates who most closely match the Job Description given to us by them. Our Client makes the final decision as to which candidates they wish to interview. This can take up to four weeks, and in some cases longer. If you have not heard from us within that time, you may assume that our Client has not short listed you for an interview. If you are short listed by a client for an interview we will contact you to make the arrangements.

Q7. If I am interviewed by your Client, how and when will I know the outcome?

A. It often takes time for our Client to give us feedback. This is beyond our control . However, please be assured that we will give you feedback as soon as we receive information from our Client. Please do not follow up directly with our Client, as this could jeopardise your application. All communication must be made through ELGIVA.

Q8. Do ELGIVA charge any fees for application, or if they place me in a job?

A. No. We do not charge any fees to candidates. Our Clients pay for services rendered by us.

Q9 Do ELGIVA actively look for employment for me?

A. No. We are Human Resource Consultants. We are appointed by our clients to identify and introduce candidates who most closely match their requirements and therefore we are proactive on their behalf.

Q10. Are all the jobs advertised in your web pages still vacant?

A. Yes. We update the website on a weekly basis.

Q11. DoesELGIVA offer temporary or permanent positions?

A. ELGIVA offer only full time permanent placements

Q12. Does ELGIVA Deal only with National Clients?

A. No. ELGIVA has mandates with both National and International Clients.

Q13. Which cities are ELGIVA located in? How do I access you in any of these cities or from any other location?

A. ELGIVA is currently situated in Bangalore, Cochin and Mumbai. We should be shortly opening our new offices in Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. Please click on the Contact Us to get the necessary details. A candidate can access us by walking into any of our offices in these cities or by calling/ emailing your CV to any of our consultants. If you are an outstation candidate (not in any of these locations) you could email your CV to the location you are closest to or mail your profile to cv@elgiva.biz. Or to info@elgiva.biz we also advise you to look up our Current Open Positions.

Q14. After registering with ELGIVA, how long will it take before I actually get a job or an assignment?

A. The time it takes to get an assignment depends on your skills and the skills needed by our clients. Sometimes we can offer you an assignment immediately following your interview with us.


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