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Search Process  

Search Methodology

Our methodology is designed to meet both the business objectives of our clients and the personal aspirations of our candidates, and to reduce the time taken to complete an assignment.

ELGIVA seeks to add value at every stage of the selection process, through a trained pool of experienced consultants. We view relationship with our clients as true partnership - we work side by side with our clients to identify and resolve issues related to finding the most suited candidates.

We typically divide a search into five phases.

Understanding the requirements and strategy development
Identification, networking and assessment
Short-listing the candidates
Finalizing candidates after reference checks
Search completion, final choice and follow up.


We will stay with the search till it is completed to our client's satisfaction.
We will strictly respect the confidentiality of our clients, candidates, sources, and references throughout the search process.
We add value to the search process through the knowledge and experience of trained Managers and Consultants/Resource Associates.

Our Values

ELGIVA embraces the following values: -

Prompt client service
Ethical practices

Key Benefits

True Partnership: Client Partners cultivate a deep understanding of our clients' strategies, culture, needs and people
Services tailored to your specific hiring and assessment objectives Relationship Management: Primary points of contact and a dedicated core team
Best Resources: Clients work with team members who are accountable to the most senior levels of ELGIVA’s Business Solutions:
Competitive Terms: Project scope enables ELGIVA to offer clients the most preferential pricing


You Only See The Finalists

If you want to see lots of resumes, then ELGIVA probably isn’t for you. You’ll never endure a flood of paper or any other bogus scattergun tactics from us. From candidate pool aggregation to reference checking we handle the critical screening process, then present you with several legitimately developed, fully interviewed candidates - via a combination of phone, teleconference and/or personal interviews, depending on your budget - that we believe can do the job. Our process works. It has to - we stake our credibility and reputation on the fact that one or more of these highly qualified candidates will be hired.

Our Expectations

We expect our clients to be candid with us while discussing their organization’s strengths, needs, and their plans for the future.

We expect our clients to spend appropriate time with the candidates, and to share with us relevant feedback about the candidates.

We expect our clients to respect and protect the confidentiality of the candidates as carefully as we do.

We encourage you to contact us and we look forward to assisting you in your search for your critical manpower requirements.

Ethics Code

Clients need to be confident that information disclosed to ELGIVA during the course of an assignment will remain confidential. To ensure that this is the case:

If there is a possible conflict of interest between clients or potential clients, it will be immediately disclosed to both parties.
ELGIVA professionals will not discuss client matters in a public place nor disclose client information to third parties.
ELGIVA will maintain the security of client papers and communications.

Clients need to be kept informed as to progress on their assignment.

Prospects and clients will be updated continuously as required on the status of their search and informed immediately if there are any obstacles or issues impairing ELGIVA’s delivery of the search.

Clients need to be clear that we represent their interests:

ELGIVA will not send unsolicited resumes to clients.
In salary negotiations, we need to represent the client's best interests and be fair to the candidate.
ELGIVA will not offer the same candidate to two clients at the same time (parallel processing).

Clients need to be clear that their name will not be used disadvantageously within the client's company with other clients or candidates:

ELGIVA will not disclose to other clients or potential clients or in publicity material that they are or have conducted searches for that client without the permission of the client.
ELGIVA will not disclose the name of a client to a candidate until the client agrees this is appropriate.

Clients need to be confident in the quality of work delivered and the fit of the candidate with the client organization:

To support this, ELGIVA offers a minimum guarantee that if the appointed candidate leaves the client without reasonable cause within at least three months of joining, then ELGIVA will conduct a second search at no fee. ELGIVA offices are free to exceed this minimum.

ELGIVA recognizes the importance of diversity in today's global marketplace. Therefore, we have a strong commitment to diversity that includes working diligently to provide all clients a diverse, qualified slate of candidates on every engagement. Under no circumstance will we tolerate or engage in discriminatory activity.

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